About Us

Our Purpose & Objectives are:

Represent Hindu Organisations in and around Croydon

  • Website for information & contact details
  • eNewsletter to inform of all Community & Council events / projects
  • Collaboration for all common projects and funding

Promote Hinduism Values & Culture

  • Promote understanding of values and nature of Hinduism
  • Preserve our culture, traditions and religion
  • Help preserve our Hindu languages
  • Visit Croydon schools as required to promote Hinduism

Be active part of Interfaith network in Croydon

  • Liaise with Croydon Council, Asian Resource Centre Croydon (ARCC), Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA), Croydon Black & Minority Ethnic  (BME) forum and Croydon Mayor’s Office
  • Support Diwali & all other celebrations in Croydon
  • Support charity projects in Croydon 

Assist in providing Social Care & Services

  • Luncheon Clubs at Hindu organisation centres 
  • Vegetarian Food definition project
  • Bereavement Services and contact point in Hospitals
  • Hindu Organ Donation project support
  • Translation assistance for Police, Homes, Hospitals, etc
  • Cultural & Music Classes for children & adults
  • Yoga Classes, Elderly Digital Skills, Exercise Classes, etc
  • Ayurvedic cooking and healthy living / lifestyle
  • Central hosting of Health Seminars on Diabetes, BP, BMI, etc
  • Central hosting of Blood Donation sessions and awareness

Provide contacts & assistance on

  • GDPR / Privacy Policy
  • Adult & Children Safeguarding
  • DBS checks & requirements
  • Health & Safety at community & religious buildings
  • Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Council and other local funding initiatives
  • Parking & Hall Facilities in Croydon