Vegetarian Food Types definition

CHF are working with Croydon University Hospital and Croydon Council to clarify the Hindu vegetarian food options on their menu, and the food handling and preparation methods used. The definitions are to be standardised in line with Food Standards Agency UK, the Vegetarian Society UK and Vegan Society UK. See the VegetarianUK website at for more details. The objective is to provide appropriate vegetarian food in hospitals, care homes, schools and also delivery to the homes of elderly and physically challenged people in Croydon.

Elderly Digital Skills

Training for the elderly (aged 60+) to use tablets and smart phones in order that they can access emails via the devices, use Facebook, use Google search and other internet browser facilities to access information and websites. Teach them how to download and use everyday Apps like online banking, Deliveroo, taxi bookings and using Google Maps for location and navigation purposes. The use of everyday contact Apps like SMS, WhatsApp and Face time to keep in touch. CHF can provide templates and materials for the training, and “train the trainer” assistance for organisations to run their own courses.

Children’s Yoga Classes

DSYM (Data Sahaj Yoga Mission) organise local Yoga classes and also host the annual International Yoga Day event in Croydon. They are putting together a proposal to host yoga classes for children across Croydon. Many Hindu organisations affiliated to CHF have their own premises or access to venues to be able to host such classes. DSYM can help with contacts for qualified yoga teachers, content and structure of classes, etc. DSYM would like to see yoga offered as an optional class at Croydon schools too, for the benefits witnessed for students at existing Yoga classes. The proposal will be reviewed by CHF organisations and progressed as appropriate.

Elderly Exercise Classes / Welfare

CHF affiliated organisations host exercise classes, luncheon clubs and general welfare for the elderly (Over 60s) in Croydon. This project aims to extend the number of venues which offer such facilities in Croydon by working with Croydon SocialP to set up and run these sessions. See our Links page for details of the Croydon SocialP Facebook group and current venues which host such exercise classes and other related events.